John-Cleese-Creativity-640Most of us would agree that creativity is a good thing. In fact, I’d argue that there’s not a segment of business, or even life, that can’t benefit from more creativity. Mysterious, magical, and often elusive, creativity’s value is priceless. Many people believe you’re either born with creativity or not. But there’s growing evidence to show that creativity can be learned and cultivated.

I’m intrigued by creativity – what it is, how to cultivate it and improve it – I thought there might be some value to curate the various articles and resources about creativity that I come across, not only for myself, but others. So, if you’re as fascinated and intrigued with creativity as I am, check out the Creativity Articles and Resources page, and if you have links to other articles that you don’t see there, drop me a note so I can add it to the list.