Visual Communication & Marketing Resources Downloads

Thank you for your interest in the Digital Splash Media Visual Communication & Marketing Resources.  Below, you’ll find links to download free visual media content, tutorials, and resources.

Tutorial: How to Make a Bubble Chart with RAW and Adobe Illustrator

Bubble-Chart-TutorialGenerating a bubble chart with Density Design’s RAW tool is quick and easy and editing the output in Illustrator gives you a lot of control of format and style. The generated charts from RAW have a few formatting and styling quirks. This tutorial will walk you through a process of creating a basic bubble chart in RAW, exporting it as an .svg file that you can then open with Adobe Illustrator and adjust the format and style of the chart elements.

Download the Tutorial (PDF Download)




Animated Infographic Video Process

Free-Resources-video-processAnimated explanation videos have become one of the best ways to explain a business, product, concept or cause to an audience quickly. Done well, an animated video will keep the audience engaged, even entertained while explaining, educating and informing visually, much better than plain text can do.

A lot of businesses are beginning to realize the potential that an explanation video has, but are often ignorant or naive about what goes into making them. Put simply, creating an animated explanation video takes time to do well.

Download the Animated Infographic Video Explanation Process White Paper (PDF Download)


Storyboard Template Set

Storyboard-TemplatesHollywood and film makers have been using storyboards for decades to plan their shots. With animated explanation videos, the storyboard is where the ideas for the animated graphics get matched up to their corresponding text, whether that text is narrated or on screen, or both. Storyboards can be hand-drawn or created digitally. I’ve tried a few different storyboard templates over the years. This storyboard template set contains three different storyboard templates, all three in PDF format with 2 of the templates also including Word documents as well.

Download Storyboard Template Set (.zip)




Infographic Video Script Tips Cheat Sheet and Work Sheet

Script-Tips-Cheat-SheetYou’re ready to write a script for your infographic video, but you don’t know where to begin. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple structure you could follow to help you transform your message into a story that resonates with your audience? This cheat sheet and work sheet provides a simple 3 step outline to develop a script for your infographic video explanation.

Download the Script Tips Cheat Sheet (PDF Download).

Download the Script Tips Worksheet (PDF Download).




Tutorial: Creating Animated Infographic Videos with Apple Keynote

TutorialInfographic animated videos are an effective visual communication tool to explain your product or company, but professionally produced videos can be expensive, typically costing thousands of dollars. If you donʼt have the budget for a professionally produced animated explanation video but have the time, you can create your own simple animated video explanations with Apple Keynote.

Though nowhere near as powerful as those tools Apple Keynote (and Microsoft PowerPoint) have basic animation capabilities that you can use to create your own basic animated videos.

This step-by-step, how-to tutorial shows how to create a basic animated infographic video using Apple Keynote. The download file includes:

  • PDF tutorial
  • completed Keynote document
  • exported .mov movie
  • graphics for the project

Download the Tutorial Kit (.zip)

Tutorial: How to Make Scatter Plot in Adobe Illustrator

How-to-make-a-scatter-plot-in-illustratorI’m a big fan of scatter plots and bubble plots, as can be seen from several small data visualization articles showing health correlations lately. They’re both great for showing correlations. There’s some nice new online tools for creating scatter and bubble plots like Plotly and RAW, both of which I use regularly. But, when it comes to styling the plots, I still find myself using Adobe Illustrator.

Tutorial: How to Make Scatter Plot in Adobe Illustrator (PDF Download)





Hospital Staff Pictogram Set

I’m also including this hospital staff pictogram set of hospital staff characters. The .zip file contains 15 Adobe Illustrator files, including all characters shown in the photo plus a few more.


Download Illustrator Hospital Staff Pictogram Set (733 KB .zip file.)

Icons and Animated GIF Icons

Running Animated GIF Icon

Download .zip File
Walking & Fitness Tracker Animated GIF Icon

Download .zip File
Walking Animated GIF Icon

Download .zip File
ECG in Heart Animated GIF Icon

Download .zip File
Cloud Computing Animated GIF Icon

Electrocardiogram Animated GIF Icon

SmartPhone Fitness Dashboard Animated GIF Icon

SmartWatch Fitness Tracker Animated GIF Icon

Burn Calories Icon

Download .zip File

You’re free to use these however you’d like, in infographics, presentation, brochures, etc.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.