The process of creating your custom animated video explanation

Process Map

Script Storyboard Illustrate Animate


Whether you provide a completed script or you need help writing a script, this is where the video project really starts. Creating a script for your video is essential. Without a script, a video is just a bunch of illustrations in motion. That might be visually interesting, but if it doesn’t explain your product, what’s the point? Most clients initially provide at least a rough script or outline. From that, I provide feedback and suggestions to distill your message and craft it within a structure that will resonate with your target audience.    




Ideation of visuals and creation of the storyboard I brainstorm visual ideas that match the message of the script. I sketch out ideas for illustrations and create a storyboard, either hand-drawn or digital, that visually shows the action of your video. I share the sketches and illustrations with you to get your feedback. I also create an animatic – a sequence of static storyboard images set to a rough voiceover (if video has voiceover) that I record myself – that provides a sense of timing and flow. I upload the animatic as a video to my Vimeo account and share it with you as a private, password-protected video for review. I get your feedback and rework the script and visual elements as necessary.    




Create illustrations, icons, and graphics I create digital icons and illustrations in Adobe Illustrator that will be used in the video. I’ll ask you to provide your logo and any other brand graphic elements, color scheme, fonts, style guides, and other brand collateral that may be necessary to tell your story and maintain your branding. In creating the illustrations, I incorporate these colors schemes, fonts, and styles that are part of your corporate branding in order to maintain a consistent style and voice in your marketing.    




Animation and editing I animate the illustrations and create transitions and effects. If the video is to have voiceover, I will have recommended a voiceover artist for you to contact and work with to get an audio file of the voiceover. I then incorporate the voiceover and synch it to the animation. I add background music and sound effects if needed. The animation and editing phase of the project is typically the most labor-intensive and time-consuming phase of the project and I’ll export and share various versions of the video as it’s developed so you stay in the loop and can monitor progress. Once the video is complete, I provide a link to you to download the video so that you can upload it to your own video hosting sites. If you’d like, I can also provide suggestions and tips for video search engine optimization.