Video Infographics

Motion graphic video explanations and animated explainer videos that explain, educate, or inform.

Save time explaining your product or business.  Accelerate interest, desire, and action with a animated explanation video.


Animated Explanation Video Examples

Here’s some examples of recent animated video explanations I’ve produced.

Hospital mHealth AppsAnimated Video Explanation
Hospital mHealth Apps
Flow-Vu* Inhalation IndicatorAnimated Video
Flow-Vu* Inhalation Indicator
Animated Digital Health Video: Orb HealthVideo Explanation
Orb Health
AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu*Animated Video
AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu*
Mask InstructionsAnimated Instructional Video
Mask Instructions
Animated Video: LMU Consent ExplanationVideo Explanation
LMU Consent Video
Startup Weekend SacramentoEvent Promo Video
Startup Weekend Sacramento
Global Startup Battle Teaser VideoEvent Promo Video
Global Startup Battle 2015
Animated Explanation Video - MD RevolutionVideo Explanation
MD Revolution
Animated Explanation Video - MD Revolution RevUp!Video Explanation
MD Revolution RevUp!
Animated Explanation Video - Typenex Wearable Tech ForecastVideo Explanation
Wearable Tech Device Market Forecast
Healthcare Frequent Flyers and Coordinated CareVideo Explanation
Healthcare Frequent Flyers and Coordinated Care
AeroDawg* Canine Aerosol ChamberAnimated Instructional Video
AeroDawg* Canine Aerosol Chamber
Startup Weekend SacramentoEvent Promo Video
Startup Weekend Sacramento Health Edition Animated Video
Walking-PSA-200x160Video Explanation
Walk for Better Health PSA Video
Heart Disease Facts PSA VideoVideo Explanation
Heart Disease Facts PSA Video
Animated Explanation Video - Typenex DesignLoopVideo Explanation
Typenex DesignLoop
Animated Explanation Video - Story of Digital HeatlhVideo Explanation
Story of Digital Health
Animated Explanation Video - What is Digital HeatlhVideo Explanation
What is Digital Health
hydrogen-fuel-cell-200x160Video Explanation
Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Explainer Video – Why KnovelVideo Explanation
Why Knovel
Final Check Animated Infographic VideoVideo Explanation
Mobile Web Revolution Explainer VideoVideo Explanation
Mobile Web Revolution
Introverts & Extraverts Explainer VideoVideo Explanation
Introverts & Extraverts
Visual Thinking Explainer VideoVideo Explanation
Visual Thinking Is...
Picture Superiority Effect Explainer VideoVideo Explanation
Picture Superiority Effect