The Rise and Fall of the 2014 Oakland Athletics

There were high expectations for the Oakland Athletics in 2014. Strong pitching ,with an enviable starting rotation and bullpen, it was believed, would lead the A’s to contend for the American League West division and carry the A’s deep into the playoffs. Despite injuries to starting pitchers Jarrod Parker and A.J. Griffin, A’s pitchers stepped up to the challenge and General Manager Billy Beane acquired additional aces mid-season. But despite a stellar first half of the season, everything seemed to unravel in August and September, arguable one of the worst slumps seen in baseball history.

Wins above .500

In the first week of April, the A’s began their meteoric winning ways garnering the best record in baseball on their way to 28 wins above .500 on August 9. For the remainder of the season, A’s wins became few and far between and their winning percentage plummeted as they ended the season 14 games above .500. [Hover mouse over trend line for details]

Wins and Losses

A spark line of the A’s wins and losses for 2014 shows an abundance of dominating wins in the first half of the season. Bars represent the score difference for each game of the season. Green bars above the horizontal axis represent wins and yellow bars below the axis represent losses. [Hover mouse over spark lines for details]

2014 American League West Division Race

The A’s held first place in the American League West division from mid-April through mid-August. But the winning surge of the Angels coincided with the A’s losing ways and by early September they were in danger of slipping behind the Mariners as well. [Hover mouse over trend lines for details]


A hot- and cold-running A’s offense turned consistently cooler in August and September as the batting averages line graph below shows.


There were high expectations placed on the Oakland pitching staff throughout the year. Each game of every starting pitcher for 2014 is summarized in the series of charts below. [Click image to enlarge] 2014-Athletics-Starting-Pitcher-Stats-1020

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