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Creating Animated Silhouettes for Videos

Most of the animated infographic videos that include characters of people tend to use simple pictograms and icons or cartoons to represent the people. But there may be cases where you might want to use a more realistic representation of people, like silhouettes for example. So, how do you go about creating animated silhouettes of […]

Using Online Video for Your Business Workshop

Time to shift gears for me, at least as far as workshops go. Instead of a WordPress workshop, my next High Tech Maui workshop will focus on using online video for business. Details and registration below. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViOq9viRQb4[/youtube] Online video is booming. If you’re doing business online and you’re not using video, you’re missing a HUGE […]

YouTube Video Tips

Online video is huge right now and if you look around this site you can tell that I’m a big fan of using online video for business. And since YouTube currently has an 82% market share of embedded and linked videos, and is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google, I’m a […]

Online Video Workshop Slides

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s workshop, Using Online Video for Your Business. We had a great group that got involved in the discussion, asked great questions, contributed their knowledge and experience and helped each other brainstorm ideas for videos. Here are the slides to the presentation. There’s a lot of references to links in the […]

Types of Online Video for Business

I think a lot of small business owners have a limited idea of the kinds of online videos they could be producing and publishing to support their business. There are several types and styles of online videos as well as several ways that businesses are using online video for business. I like to break online video […]

Online Video Workshop Promotional Trailer

I recently had a week of vacation time where I had enough down time to just work on something of my own just for the fun of it. I decided to make a quick little promotional trailer video for the upcoming Using Online Video for Your Business Workshop. I wanted to keep it quick and […]