Sacramento Weather History Data Visualization

A visual representation of over 123 years of Sacramento weather data (from National Weather Service site Sacramento 5 ESE); daily high temperatures, daily lower temperatures, and daily precipitation, as well as the number of days with maximum temperature greater than or equal to 90.0° F. Data source: National Climatic Data Center.

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Daily Temperatures and Precipitation

The heatmap below color codes each day in a given row with a color corresponding to either the high temperature, low temperature, or precipitation in inches. Each row is a calendar year. Each column in each row is a day of the year. The higher density of dark red and orange cells in recent years shows the trend of hotter temperatures in the summer months in Sacramento. Select a tab to choose to display daily high temperatures, daily low temperatures, or daily precipitation totals. Hover your mouse over a cell for details (white cells = missing data).

Sacramento Monthly Average Temperature Trends

The charts below show over 120 years of average monthly temperature trends in Sacramento.