Infographic Videos – Books

Informational infographic videos have become a very popular method to explain, educate and inform. Video infographics leverage the power and engagement potential of online video with animated graphics using motion graphics software and techniques – engaging and visually communicating in a way that normal text can’t.

As video infographics content becomes more prevalent on the web, we’ll naturally see more and more people trying to create their own videos. If you’re new to creating infographic videos, you’ll naturally want to find some resources to help improve the quality of your videos.

Infographic Video BooksCurrently, you’d be hard-pressed to find a book dedicated exclusively to teaching the craft of creating infographic videos. But, that’s not to say there aren’t abundant resources available to help learn the craft – from books on creating static infographics to books on motion graphics design, data visualization and information design. Here’s a sampling of some the books in my personal library that I’m using to try to improve the quality of my videos.

Visualize This – Nathan Yau 

I’ve followed Nathan’s blog, Flowing Data, for years. Just got his book. Haven’t had a chance to get into it much, but if you want to get better at data visualization, this is an excellent resource.


Design Essentials for the Motion Media Artist – Angie Taylor

A great resource if you’re new to motion graphics. Angie explains the process of creating motion graphics and essential elements such as composition, animation, type, color, editing and more.


Motion 4 Designing and Animating Motion Graphics in Final Cut Studio – Mark Spencer

Animated informational videos require motion graphics. Adobe After Effects is the go-to software for most professional motion media artists, but Apple’s Motion software may be easier to learn. Motion is where I turn for serious animation (for now, until I invest in After Effects). Mark’s book is a great resource for learning motion graphics in Motion. Note: The most recent version of Motion is Motion 5. Some people claim that Apple dumbed the software down and that it’s not as useful. This book relates to the older version.

Motion Graphics Design – Jon S. Krasner

I’m finding this book to be an incredibly valuable resource to learn the principles of motion graphics design from spatial and temporal considerations, pictorial and sequential composition, storyboarding, animation, compositing and more. Absolutely essential for anyone interested in creating infographic videos.

Slideology – Nancy Duarte

Though Nancy’s book deals with presentation design it’s very applicable to informational videos. This book is essential reading for anyone aspiring to create infographic videos in my opinion.


Visual Language for Designers – Connie Malamed

The popularity of video infographic can no doubt be traced to the meteoric popularity of static infographics on the web.  Malamed’s book outlines the fundamental principles of visualization including how to organize graphics for quick perception and directing the eyes to critical information.


Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics – Dona M. Wong

Dealing mostly with data graphic like charts and graphs, Wong’s book is great reference if you need to communicate quantitative information.


Edward Tufte Books

Edward Tufte is the king of information design. He’s known for being dismissive of “cutesy” graphics in infographics, labeling them “chart junk.” I personally don’t lean as conservative as Tufte. I think that the general public needs more engaging graphics than what the conservative information design camp believe in. Nevertheless, anybody interested in data / information design needs to read Tufte’s books.

Envisioning Information

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative

Beautiful Evidence

Teaching Motion Design – Steven Heller and Michael Dooley

Since I don’t have the ability to go back to school to study film or motion design, I thought this book would help get a good idea of what I might get if I did.


Creative Motion Graphic Titling – Yael Braha

Online infographic informational videos have a lot in common with movie title sequences, both employing animated graphics and typography. If you want to create infographic videos there’s a lot to be learned in this book.