R&D Lab

The R&D Lab is a collection of miscellaneous works-in-progress -exploratory data analysis visualizations, exploratory interactive infographics, sketches, sketchnotes, rough illustrations, storyboards, mind maps, and other various visuals that aren’t refined or finished products.

2015 Sacramento River Cats Game Summary Data Visualization2015 Sacramento River Cats Game Summary Data Visualization

An exercise to learn D3, this is an interactive visual summary of game results for the 2015 Sacramento River Cats.

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2015 Sacramento Republic FC Schedule2015 Sacramento Republic FC Schedule

Another work in progress – a visual timeline representation of the 2015 Sacramento Republic FC Schedule. Eventually, this will be part of a more comprehensive data visualization of the season that will include scores and game stats, incorporating elements from last season’s infographic.

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2015 Sacramento Kings Season2015 Sacramento Kings Season

A work-in-progress data visualization of the 2014-15 Sacramento Kings basketball season; interactive wins/losses sparklines, interactive visualization of games over/under .500 for 30 years, and the flow of individual player stats for for this season.

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Sac-ESC v2-01Digital Artwork: Sacramento Entertainment Sports Complex (ESC)

A vector illustration of the new Sacramento ESC currently under construction.

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92FeYExploratory Data Visualization

The United Nations Development Program is putting on a data visualization contest to based on its own human development data. Since I’m enrolled in a Data Visualization with D3 MOOC, I thought this dataset might be a good dataset to use for the class exercises. But until we get further into the course to learn D3, I thought it might be useful to do some exploratory data visualization analysis using Processing to evaluate various data visualizations to try to represent. See it >>


ColorStudy-28Data Visualization Art Color Studies

A collection of experiments and explorations of color interactions using Processing to algorithmically generate data art using basic geometric primitive elements.

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Sketchnotes – A Technique for Producing Ideas

Sketchnotes from a great little book originally published in 1965 called A Technique for Producing Ideas. It’s a nice, concise little book that you can easily get through in a very short time, with a fairly simple process that I thought would be perfect for capturing in a sketchnote.

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Sketchnotes – John Cleese on Creativity

I came across a video of the legendary John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, giving a lecture on creativity. Most of us would agree that creativity is a good thing. So, I thought it would be worthwhile to make some sketchnotes of the lecture.

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