Why Knovel

I was contracted by Knovel to create this animated explainer video targeted at engineers and engineering managers to explain why they should use the Knovel web application. Knovel is a web-based application integrating technical information with analytical and search tools to drive innovation and deliver answers engineers can trust. Knovel users include thousands of engineers […]

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I worked with Jeff to create a video that explains why engineers use Knovel. Jeff had a process in place to keep the project on track and within our budget. He was responsive to feedback, easy to work with and available as needed. This is the first animated video we created, and it all started with a script and a skimpy storyboard. Jeff transformed our words and idea into a great promotional video.
– Amy Burnis Marketing Communications Director at Knovel Corporation - http://why.knovel.com/resources/knovel-tutorial-videos/2201-why-knovel.html