Tony Karrer’s comment in my last blog post about doing a T-shirt for the upcoming VizThink conference was a great idea. Tony’s suggestion was to do a T-shirt with my mind map from the previous post that shows what my visual thinking interests are. Great idea, but I thought, why not come up with a […]

Mind map of VizThink 09 Interests

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since the first VizThink conference. VizThink ’08 renewed my interest in visual communication, but I came home from it a bit overwhelmed by all the types and disciplines within visual thinking. I spent the first several months after the conference trying to identify and categorize […]

Maui Community Profile Website

The Maui Community Profile website was developed to expand Maui Economic Development Board’s  reach to companies and individuals interested in Maui as a business location, especially in technology-related activities. MEDB’s Maui County Community Profile offers a hands-on guide to doing business in Maui. Visit


I just finished Nancy Duarte’s book, Slide:ology. I’ve recently become interested in presentation development, not because I give many presentations anymore, but primarily because I think presentations shared online through services like Slideshare have the potential to be good vehicles for visual explanations. My overall impression of the book? Excellent! It should be required reading […]

Social Media & Internet Marketing Presentation

Yet another presentation about social media. There’s already thousands of other presentations on social media available. Why another one? Inspired by Cliff Atkinson’s book, “Beyond Bullet Points,” I’ve taken a renewed interest in presentation development. There once was a time as a corporate drone where I developed a lot of boring bullet point presentations. I […]


For years now, when clients have asked me how they can improve their website or increase traffic to their website or improve their search engine ranking, I’ve often told them they should consider adding a blog to their website. And yet, until now, I haven’t incorporated a blog on my own website – at least […]