Sending Large Files Screencast

Ever tried to send a large video file to someone and been frustrated because your email provider won’t let you send large email attachments? I’ve had a lot of clients run into this problem when trying to send me big video files or a bunch of high resolution digital photos. There’s no need to get […]

Maui Windsurfing Website is my own pet project that I initially started as just a blog. Since launching it in 2004, it has grown to be an information resource about windsurfing on Maui for thousands of people each day and features hundreds of windsurfing photos and videos that I’ve created over the years. This site ranks number […]

NextGen Gallery for WordPress

Just finished recording and editing a screencast to show how to install the NextGen photo gallery on your WordPress web site, create a gallery, upload some images and post a gallery in a blog post or a page. NextGen Photo Gallery for WordPress from Jeff Bennett on Vimeo.

WordPress Static Home Pages

WordPress started out as a blogging platform but become a full blown Content Management System allowing you to create and publish your entire website with it. But, by default, WordPress home pages display your blog articles, and often times you might want something different for your home page, some static content perhaps. There’s a pretty […]

Online Visual Explanation: Plastic Bottles & Ocean Pollution

We’re living in a time of information overload and complexity, inundated with too much information and too little time to get through it. I believe that visual explanations, such as video and online presentations, will be an important tool for organizations to convey their message, whether that’s selling a product or advocating action of some […]