WordPress Consulting: Digital Health Post

I’ve been working with Digital Health’s leading influencer, Paul Sonnier, as a strategic partner for over a year now, collaborating with him to create two digital health videos, (What is Digital Health and The Story of Digital Health), as well as consulting on his Story of Digital Health website. Paul is launching a new consumer-focused […]

Telling Stories with Visualization

How to tell stories & convey information through visualization Finishing up the 5th segment of the data-driven journalism online course. Week 5 featured data visualization guru Alberto Cairo (@albertocairo). Some key takeaways from this week that are worth sharing to anybody communicating visually with data. Visualization is a graphical representation of evidence, a tool for analysis, […]

Visualizing Categorical Data as Flows with Alluvial Diagrams

Alluvial diagrams are a type of flow diagram that  have traditionally been used to visually show changes in network structures over time. Density Design has included Alluvial Diagrams in their RAW online visualization tool and explored its use to show “relations between dimensions of categorical data.” RAW is such a wonderfully easy tool to use that I […]

Data Driven Journalism

Resources and Reference Links for Telling Stories with Data I’m currently working my way through the Doing Journalism with Data online course provided by the European Journalism Centre Data Driven Journalism initiative. What is Data Journalism Data journalism is about telling stories with data. It would be a mistake to think that data journalism is […]

The Power of Video

I came across an article and video produced by ShutterStock in cooperation with comScore that does a nice job of telling a compelling story about the growth of online video in business and the power of video to engage. Check out the video below and read the accompanying article. “Show Me Something” An Infographic Exploration of Video […]

Global Alcohol Consumption Visualization

The World Health Organization recently released its Global status report on alcohol and health 2014. The World Health Organization is a great resource for health data, and the release of this report will spawn many data visualizations of the data in the data visualization community. It’s an interesting data set to explore and I’ve been […]