Digital Splash Media Video Explanation Resource Kit

Resource kit includes:

Animated Infographic Video Process

Free-Resources-video-process There’s a lot of planning, writing, illustrating, animating and editing that goes into creating an animated infographic explainer video.  This white paper outlines and describes a step-by-step process for  making an animated infographic video. Whether you plan to make your own video or hire a designer to do it for you, this white paper will educate you on what is involved in making an infographic video.

Infographic Video Script Tips Cheat Sheet and Work Sheet

Script-Tips-Cheat-SheetYou’re ready to write a script for your infographic video, but you don’t know where to begin. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple structure you could follow to help you transform your message into a story that resonates with your audience? This cheat sheet and work sheet provides a simple 3 step outline to develop a script for your infographic video explanation.

Storyboard Template Set

Storyboard-TemplatesOnce you’ve got your script written you need to put those ideas and words into visuals that can convey how you will visually tell your story. There are a lot of different storyboard styles. The resource kit includes a set of three different storyboard templates, all three in PDF format with 2 of the templates also including Microsoft Word documents.

Tutorial: Creating Animated Infographic Videos with Apple Keynote

TutorialThis step-by-step, how-to tutorial shows how to create a basic animated infographic video using Apple Keynote. The download file includes:

  • PDF tutorial
  • completed Keynote document
  • exported .mov movie
  • graphics for the project

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