Digital Health, the convergence of digital technologies with health and medicine is transforming health and healthcare. It’s a rapidly evolving and changing field with complexities that can be difficult to grasp. After all, it involves the complexities of the human body, medicine, genetics, and genomics, along with incredible digital technologies. The potential of digital health technologies is enormous, but, to reach its full potential and widespread adoption, people need to understand not only how the technologies work, but why they should care, or what’s in it for them.

Visually communicating and explaining the issues, technologies, and benefits of digital health with visual explanations like videos, infographics, data visualizations, and diagrams is the best way to get people to understand it and adopt it. Videos can be especially effective means to engage, explain, and inform.

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What follows is a gallery of digital health and medical device animated videos I’ve created.

Trudell Medical

I’ve been working with Canadian medical device company, Trudell Medical to create several animated explainer videos to explain the benefits of their AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu* chamber for asthma use and animated instructional videos to show proper use of their products.

This first one presents an overview of the benefits of using the AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu* Valved Holding Chamber with your Metered Dose Inhaler medication.

A second video about the AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu* focuses on the benefits of their patented Flow-Vu* inhalation indicator for parents administering asthma medication to their children.

AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu* Valved Holding Chamber – Mask Instructions

An animated instructional video that shows how to use the AeroChamber Plus* Flow-Vu* Valved Holding Chamber with a mask.

Orb Health

Orb Health is a digital health, healthcare engagement platform that unifies and translates the key components of healthcare into 360-degree, consumer comprehensible understanding of health. I worked with the team at Orb Health to create this short animated video explanation to explain their platform.

What is Digital Health

Created with Paul Sonnier of the 25,000+ member Digital Health Group on LinkedIn and Story of Digital Health website, this short 2 minute animated video provides a quick definition of digital health and an overview of the various technologies and terms it encompasses.

This video serves as a good primer to the basic aspects of the topic, but doesn’t go into any detail on any specific aspect of digital health. For that, the follow up video, Story of Digital Health goes into more detail.


Story of Digital Health

This video, also created with Paul Sonnier, goes much deeper into explaining the world of digital health, why it’s relevant, how it allows people to better track, manage, control, and improve their health as well as take more control of their health.

At over six minutes in length, this second definitive video first examines the current situation with the current health care system using the analogy of the modern driving experience juxtaposed to the early days of driving. It then goes into some detail about how the tools of the digital and genetics revolutions are changing how both individuals and health care providers are monitoring, managing, and improving health, covering the various technologies such as; sensors, devices, the Internet, mobile and body area networks, microprocessors, cloud computing, social networking, health information systems, and genetics and genomics.


MD Revolution

MD Revolution is revolutionizing healthcare delivery by harnessing the power of digital health. I’ve created two animated digital health videos for MD Revolution. This first animated video shows how their approach of combining digital health with the latest science, along with the support of a team of medically-supervised health coaches, enables people to take control of their health.

This video first outlines the problem with the current situation of health and healthcare in America, comparing the magnitude of the crisis to that of the 2008 financial meltdown. It then introduces the viewer to MD Revolution’s solution to the problem, their RevUp! Health Accelerated program.

MD Revolution uses this video and the next video literally every day in their new business efforts and says about the videos;

they are so helpful in not only creating a sense of professionalism but in making a complex business case and product clear.



This next video for MD Revolution goes into much more detail about their RevUp! Health Accelerated program.

The video goes on to explain how the RevUp! program works and what users can expect in signing up, how it’s used and shows how the program incentivizes and rewards people to improve their health.


Wearable Tech Device Market Forecast

One of the key game-changing technologies in digital health is wearable technology devices, such as smart watches, fitness bands, activity trackers, and other wearables like Google Glass. I created this short, 37 second animated infographic video to visually represent the market forecast for wearable tech devices through 2017 using market forecast data from Berg Insight.

I think of animated videos like this as “animated fast facts videos.” If you follow the fields of health, medicine, and technology, new research reports, findings, surveys, and forecasts come out every day. They often have very interesting and compelling data to convey, but that data is usually conveyed in boring, static, text-heavy articles that are usually forgotten a few minutes after reading. Short (30-40 seconds), animated videos can make the data in these reports more compelling and memorable.


Healthcare Frequent Flyers and Coordinated Care

Another example of an “animated fast facts” video I’ve created is this short animated video that visually presents findings from a report by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality that shows that the costliest 1% of patients in the U.S. healthcare system account for 21% of spending and the top 5% account for 50% of spending. Known as frequent flyers, these patients suffer from heart disease, diabetes, and kidney problems. Most of their care is in multiple hospitals and ERs. Their healthcare is haphazard and uncoordinated. Lack of coordinated care is a major factor in the cost of the 1% and having a coordinated care plan (accomplished through Health IT) is crucial to improving healthcare.

This was my second recent experiment with this short fast facts style of video. There’s no real story structure to the script other than presenting a few basic stats along with some context for those stats. I think of it as a teaser or trailer for the more in depth report.


Typenex Barcode Blood Bands

This animated explanation video I created for Typenex, a medical device company, gives an overview of how the their Barcode Blood Band for Pre-printed Labels works and the benefits of using pre-printed labels.

Barcode Blood Bands for Pre-Printed Labels from Typenex on Vimeo.

This video shows how the use of a digital technology we take for granted, barcodes, as identifiers on hospital blood bands can help reduce errors and specimen rejections. This barcode allows hospital and lab staff to easily scan the blood bank ID into their Laboratory Information System, saving technician time and reducing the chance of errors.


I also created this custom animated video explanation for Typenex to explain their product, FinalCheck. FinalCheck is an easy-to-use mechanical barrier system designed to help reduce blood transfusion errors associated with patient identification. It provides a physical barrier – a lock – that can only be opened using a code on the patient’s admissions band.

FinalCheck from Typenex on Vimeo.

The FinalCheck video has been a real success for us. It explains a complicated process in a simple way, and has helped our sales effort and built awareness with a much bigger audience than expected.

– Debora Gray Director of Marketing Typenex Medical, LLC


These are all examples of how short animated videos can be used to engage, explain, and inform about digital health technologies and medical devices. If you craft the right message, an animated explainer video such as these examples essentially serves as a 24/7/365 salesman, explaining your business or product to anyone, anywhere at any time, making sales and pre-sales, qualifying inquiries and answering questions up front, and saving you time down the road.

Ready to get started or just want to learn more? Contact me with any questions you have about creating a custom animated video for your digital health solution or medical device.

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