Do you need custom visual content like a custom animated infographic explanation video, diagram, or data visualization? Please fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch with you. In the meantime, there’s a set of questions below the form that I generally ask in order to better understand your needs.

Here’s a few standard questions that I generally ask to learn more about a client’s needs.

  1. What is the topic of the visual content? The more specific and concise the better.
  2. Who is the target audience?
  3. What is the key message/take-away?
  4. Are there any calls-to-action?
  5. For videos, is there a script already written?
  6. Are there any applicable resource materials (sales collateral, illustrations, diagrams, schematics, etc.) that should be used?
  7. Are there examples that are similar in message or look and feel to what is desired?
  8. Is there a visual theme or style that is desired?
  9. What mood is intended to be conveyed?
  10. What brand assets are available (logo, corporate color scheme, graphics and images used in branding)
  11. For videos, is narration desired or needed?
  12. For videos, is background music desired?