Communicating Data & Information Visually

Communicating data and information visually is the most engaging and effective way to get your message across.

Whether you’re a social media manager that needs to better engage your followers with animated GIFs, a startup that needs to explain the benefits of your product with an animated video, or an association or organization that needs to tell a compelling story using data to convince your constituents, incorporating infographics, data visualizations, videos, and animations in your messaging will be more effective than using plain text.

In fact, learning theorists have found that 65% of us are visual learners.

That means that we learn better by seeing than by hearing or just reading something. But it’s not just theory. Empirical evidence from marketers is driving the use of more and more visuals in our everyday communications. By 2018, 85% of communications will be visual and according to Cisco, 79% of internet traffic will be video content.

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant content.

As the founder of Digital Splash Media, I’ve been creating infographics, data visualizations, and animated videos for years and I’ve seen firsthand how graphics and animations can better engage an audience and be more effective at communicating a message. Here’s a few examples that I’ve created.

Data Visualization & Infographics


Sacramento Startup Ecosystem Circuit DiagramInteractive Infographic
Sacramento Startup Ecosystem Circuit Diagram
Sacramento City Budget FlowData Visualization
Sacramento City Budget Flow
Sacramento Weather HistoryData Visualization
Sacramento Weather History
20 Sunniest US CitiesInfographic
20 Sunniest US Cities

Animated Videos


Animated Digital Health Video: Orb HealthVideo Explanation
Orb Health
Flow-Vu* Inhalation IndicatorAnimated Video
Flow-Vu* Inhalation Indicator
Hospital mHealth AppsAnimated Video Explanation
Hospital mHealth Apps
Animated Explanation Video - MD Revolution RevUp!Video Explanation
MD Revolution RevUp!

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