Trudell Medical Animated Instructional Videos

Short, illustrated animations of a medical device’s instructions for use can be an effective way to increase engagement of the viewer as well as their understanding of how to use the product. Canadian medical device company Trudell Medical understands this and hired me to create several short animations of their instructions for use for several of their products.

Startup Weekend Sacramento

Just finished creating another promotional video for Startup Weekend Sacramento: Elk Grove Edition. Startup Weekend Sacramento: Elk Grove Edition from Jeff Bennett on Vimeo.   Get more information about the event and sign up...

Project: Animated Video Explanation for Orb Health

I recently completed my most recent animated infographic video project – an explainer video for digital health company, Orb Health. It was a pleasure to work with the team at Orb to co-write the script, ideate visuals, and create the graphics and animation for the video and I’m looking forward to partnering on future projects with the team to help transform healthcare and digital health.