Average June Temperatures in Sacramento over 123 Years

Monthly average temperatures for the month of June: 1893 – 2015 As part of an ongoing data visualization project I’m developing of Sacramento weather data using D3.js, I’m exploring year-year temperature changes for a given month of the year, for example, how average monthly maximum and minimum temperatures for the month of June have changed each year since 1893.

Sacramento’s Best and Worst Commutes Visualized

Driving to and from work every day is sad reality for most of the nation’s workforce. According to USA Today, the average commute in the US is 25.5 minutes each way, or a total of 51 minutes each day. To look at the Sacramento region’s commutes, the Sacramento Business Journal analyzed average commute times using Google Maps for 20 communities in the Sacramento region.

Telling Stories with Visualization

How to tell stories & convey information through visualization Finishing up the 5th segment of the data-driven journalism online course. Week 5 featured data visualization guru Alberto Cairo (@albertocairo). Some key takeaways from this week that are worth...

Data Driven Journalism

Resources and Reference Links for Telling Stories with Data I’m currently working my way through the Doing Journalism with Data online course provided by the European Journalism Centre Data Driven Journalism initiative. What is Data Journalism Data journalism is...