Visual content that engages, explains, & informs.

I believe that communicating visually is the most effective way to explain and educate, so I create visual content like animated explanation videos, infographics, data visualizations, and diagrams that educate, inform, and explain.

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I started out as an engineer at Boeing in Seattle. After a few years in engineering I migrated into software development there and spent several years developing engineering software applications and managed to get an MBA after hours. In 2000 I quit Boeing to work as a software engineering consultant for a small software company that developed and sold knowledge-based engineering software and applications. In 2002 I became a freelance web and multimedia developer, developing web-based database applications and websites. Now my focus is visual explanations – creating custom animated explanation videos, infographics, data visualizations and diagrams. You can see examples of my work in my Portfolio.

Some Additional Personal Projects of Mine


As a fan and advocate of visual thinking, I started tweeting with the Twitter handle @vizthinker in 2009. But I also wanted a site where I could post visual explanations, visual summaries and visual representations as well as news and links about visual thinking – things that didn’t necessarily fit on this website. VizThinker is a kind of visual thinking laboratory where I can post creations to share with others, and blog about cool visual thinking resources and news.

Video Infographics

I’ve been intrigued with online explanatory videos since attending a workshop at VizThink ’08 presented by Lee and Sachi Lefever of Common Craft. Soon thereafter, I stumbled upon an explanatory infographic video created by Xplane, a prominent leader in visual thinking. Their video, “Did You Know 4.0” hooked me on the educational potential of using simple animated graphics and pictograms to explain concepts and trends. Since then, I’ve collected examples of infographic videos in various ways, until finally deciding to create a dedicated website to curate them,