Sacramento City Budget FY2016

The visualization below shows the flow of funds of the 2016 City of Sacramento budget from Fund through Department and Division to Accounting Groups.

Hover mouse over bars for dollar amounts.

Fund Department Division Account Group Charges, Fees, and Services $346,611,672Charges, Fees, and ServicesCity Debt Service $94,715,725City Debt ServiceCity Property $32,041,415City PropertyContingency $1,000,000ContingencyContributions from Other Funds $29,741,958Contributions from Other FundsEmployee Services $523,715,340Employee ServicesFines, Forfeitures, and Penalties $12,639,845Fines, Forfeitures, and PenaltiesInterest, Rents, and Concessions $11,933,225Interest, Rents, and ConcessionsIntergovernmental $35,604,904IntergovernmentalLabor and Supply Offset $0Labor and Supply OffsetLicenses and Permits $16,474,696Licenses and PermitsMiscellaneous Revenue $59,150,641Miscellaneous RevenueOperating Transfers $28,807,280Operating TransfersOther Services and Supplies $241,199,978Other Services and SuppliesTaxes $359,484,002TaxesTransfers $0TransfersCity Attorney $7,232,749City AttorneyCity Clerk $1,875,772City ClerkCity Manager $3,361,901City ManagerCity Treasurer $5,885,023City TreasurerCitywide and Community Support $522,698,228Citywide and Community SupportCommunity Development $40,195,626Community DevelopmentConvention and Cultural Services $46,975,472Convention and Cultural ServicesDebt Service $107,757,724Debt ServiceEconomic Development $2,263,833Economic DevelopmentFinance $39,511,380FinanceFire $128,774,915FireGeneral Services $204,367,358General ServicesHuman Resources $60,354,710Human ResourcesInformation Technology $8,549,224Information TechnologyMayor/Council $5,585,618Mayor/CouncilNon-Appropriated $-15,661,360Non-AppropriatedParks and Recreation $43,521,872Parks and RecreationPolice $136,668,983PolicePublic Works $84,435,917Public WorksUtilities $287,255,544Utilities2013 Debt Service Water Revenues $14,016,6252013 Debt Service Water Revenues2013 Wastewater Revenue Bonds $1,955,4312013 Wastewater Revenue Bonds2014 ESC Lease Revenue Bonds Division $02014 ESC Lease Revenue Bonds Division311 Division $2,074,743311 Division4th R Division $10,578,0834th R DivisionAccounting Division $3,275,493Accounting DivisionAdmin. Services Division $17,381,058Admin. Services DivisionAdministration Division $2,613,365Administration DivisionAdministrative Services Division $3,163,666Administrative Services DivisionAnimal Care Services Division $4,698,315Animal Care Services DivisionBudget Office Division $1,061,952Budget Office DivisionBuilding Division $15,126,462Building DivisionBusiness & Integrated Planning Division $170,986,883Business & Integrated Planning DivisionCCS Administration Division $1,793,298CCS Administration DivisionCenter for Sacramento History Division $616,188Center for Sacramento History DivisionCity Attorney Division $7,232,749City Attorney DivisionCity Clerk Division $1,493,006City Clerk DivisionCity Council District 1 $424,193City Council District 1City Council District 2 $424,193City Council District 2City Council District 3 $424,193City Council District 3City Council District 4 $424,193City Council District 4City Council District 5 $424,193City Council District 5City Council District 6 $424,193City Council District 6City Council District 7 $424,193City Council District 7City Council District 8 $424,193City Council District 8City Manager Division $2,899,010City Manager DivisionCity Treasurer Division $5,885,023City Treasurer DivisionCitywide Development Division $926,270Citywide Development DivisionCitywide Support Division $65,618,892Citywide Support DivisionCode Enforcement Division $14,006,608Code Enforcement DivisionCommunity Support Division $47,436,008Community Support DivisionConvention Center Complex Division $38,757,623Convention Center Complex DivisionCounty Property Taxes & Charges $2,450,000County Property Taxes & ChargesCrocker Art Museum Division $1,934,148Crocker Art Museum DivisionCustomer Service Division $2,246,938Customer Service DivisionDebt Serv-02 Ref Cop and 91pf 1131 Division $3,436,942Debt Serv-02 Ref Cop and 91pf 1131 DivisionDebt Service - 2005 Refunding Division $26,857,909Debt Service - 2005 Refunding DivisionDebt Service-2006 Cirbs Ser B Division $5,168,457Debt Service-2006 Cirbs Ser B DivisionDebt Service-2006 Cirbs Ser D Division $11,196,149Debt Service-2006 Cirbs Ser D DivisionDebt Service-Dbw (Docks) Division $205,198Debt Service-Dbw (Docks) DivisionDebt Service-Miscellaneous Division $32,985,711Debt Service-Miscellaneous DivisionDebt Svc-2002 Cirb 1131 Division $399,344Debt Svc-2002 Cirb 1131 DivisionDowntown Development Division $1,003,420Downtown Development DivisionEconomic Development Administration Division $334,143Economic Development Administration DivisionEngineering & Water Services Division $14,214,951Engineering & Water Services DivisionEngineering Services Division - Public Works $-193,035Engineering Services Division - Public WorksEnterprise Applications Management Division $2,316,206Enterprise Applications Management DivisionFacilities & Real Prop Mgmt Division $5,049,413Facilities & Real Prop Mgmt DivisionFairytale Town Division $112,245Fairytale Town DivisionField Services Division $49,580,607Field Services DivisionFinance Administration Division $582,591Finance Administration DivisionFire Chief Division $1,855,017Fire Chief DivisionFleet Management Division $77,179,035Fleet Management DivisionFund Contingency Division $1,000,000Fund Contingency DivisionHR Administration Division $3,387,900HR Administration DivisionIndependent Budget Analyst Division $446,281Independent Budget Analyst DivisionInnovation Team Division $1,507,086Innovation Team DivisionInvestigations Division $20,791,306Investigations DivisionIT Business Management Division $1,420,935IT Business Management DivisionIT Regional Support Division $857,886IT Regional Support DivisionKings and Arco Arena 1131 Division $11,535,958Kings and Arco Arena 1131 DivisionLabor Relations Division $723,872Labor Relations DivisionMaintenance Services Division $22,033,792Maintenance Services DivisionMajor Tax Revenues Division $385,528,968Major Tax Revenues DivisionMarina Division $2,044,571Marina DivisionMayor Council Operations Division $0Mayor Council Operations DivisionMayor-Council Operations Division $382,766Mayor-Council Operations DivisionMedia & Communications Division $291,236Media & Communications DivisionMetro Arts Commission Division $629,861Metro Arts Commission DivisionNeighborhood Services Division $694,454Neighborhood Services DivisionNon-Appropriated Division $-15,661,360Non-Appropriated DivisionOffice of the Chief Division $4,269,707Office of the Chief DivisionOffice of the City Auditor Division $581,313Office of the City Auditor DivisionOffice of the Director - DOU $44,602,173Office of the Director - DOUOffice of the Director - Public Works $2,483,568Office of the Director - Public WorksOffice of the Director Division $1,587,118Office of the Director DivisionOffice of the Mayor $1,164,480Office of the MayorOld City Cemetery Division $1,883Old City Cemetery DivisionOld Sacramento Division $1,890,906Old Sacramento DivisionOperational Services Division $62,027,363Operational Services DivisionOperations & Maintenance Division $57,451,537Operations & Maintenance DivisionOperations Division $109,538,840Operations DivisionPark Operations Division 12,056,358Park Operations DivisionPark Planning and Development Division $221,231Park Planning and Development DivisionParking Services Division $49,024,175Parking Services DivisionPlanning Division $6,202,253Planning DivisionPowerhouse Science Center Division $331,745Powerhouse Science Center DivisionProcurement Division $643,030Procurement DivisionPublic Improvement Finance Division $27,377,963Public Improvement Finance DivisionPublic Safety Accountability Division $171,655Public Safety Accountability DivisionRecreation Operations Division 12,869,159Recreation Operations DivisionRetired/Transfer Emp Benefit 1530 20,664,360Retired/Transfer Emp Benefit 1530Revenue Division $6,570,351Revenue DivisionRisk Management Administration Division $53,656,729Risk Management Administration DivisionSacramento History Museum Division $329,938Sacramento History Museum DivisionSacramento Zoo Division 577,637Sacramento Zoo DivisionSolid Waste and Recycling Division $113,778,734Solid Waste and Recycling DivisionSTART Division $3,938,921START DivisionTechnology Infrastructure Services Division $2,447,111Technology Infrastructure Services DivisionTransportation Division $9,042,846Transportation DivisionWorkers' Compensation Division $2,586,209Workers' Compensation DivisionAssessment Reg and SDRIS $147,993Assessment Reg and SDRISCommunity Center $53,028,591Community CenterCultural Services - Other $414,000Cultural Services - OtherDebt Service Funds $23,260,998Debt Service FundsFleet Management $77,628,752Fleet ManagementGas Tax $21,446,297Gas TaxGeneral Funds $792,954,979General FundsMarina $3,384,313MarinaMeasure A Construction $2,433,000Measure A ConstructionMeasure A Maintenance $18,874,189Measure A MaintenanceMeasure U $77,627,921Measure UNorth Natomas Financing Plan $2,310,433North Natomas Financing PlanOther $0OtherOther Governmental Funds $75,831,247Other Governmental FundsParking $36,370,781ParkingRisk Management Fund $33,016,705Risk Management FundSolid Waste $121,227,079Solid WasteSpecial Districts $29,805,462Special DistrictsSpecial Districts - Capital $11,735Special Districts - CapitalStorm Drainage $75,016,579Storm DrainageWastewater $61,217,647WastewaterWater $186,896,362WaterWater Planning $3,333,603Water PlanningWorkers' Compensation Fund $25,371,823Workers' Compensation Fund