On the heals of the announcement today that the Sacramento Kings have traded All-Star DeMarcus Cousins to the Pelicans, I got inspired to open up an old data set that I had used a few years ago to create an infographic about the Sacramento Kings Franchise History. Probably the most visually striking component of that infographic is the streamgraph showing the top 5 scoring players each season dating back to the 1948-1949 season when the Kings debuted as the Rochester Royals. I created the streamgraph using RAW Graphs to generate the initial graph then did a lot of modification in Adobe Illustrator. I decided to update the the dataset with the latest two years of data and limit it to when the Kings moved to Sacramento in the 1985 – 1986 season. The rough version of this, without any modification in Illustrator is below.

It is a visually striking representation of the data, but if I were to bring it into Illustrator and do some extensive modifications it would still have some flaws, namely that it’s really difficult to visually compare players to each other. So I decided to try a variation on a line chart, and since I’m (finally) teaching myself Tableau, decided to try it all in Tableau Public. Scroll to see the embedded viz (I don’t know why the embed inserts a big empty white space above it), or open in a new tab/window.

As it turns out this simple interactive chart was incredibly quick and easy to create in Tableau. Furthermore, I think this representation is much better for comparing players across time. For instance it’s much easier to show see how¬† Peja Stojakovic, Mitch Richmond, or Chris Webber compared in scoring to the now departed DeMarcus Cousins.