If you’re like most small startups or businesses you’ve heard by now that creating and sharing customer-focused content has become more effective than traditional marketing like ads. Inbound marketing, content marketing – they’re all about attracting people with your content by focusing on the needs of your customers and providing helpful information. The first step in this process is attracting your audience’s attention. Twitter and other social media channels are a great way to attract visitors to your website but with the torrent of content out there it can be tough to get their attention. If you’re using Twitter to engage and interact with your market that’s great, but if you’re not getting the kind of traction you want, consider amping up the engagement factor a notch with Twitter videos.

Twitter Videos

Video is becoming the most popular medium on the internet. In January 2015, Twitter introduced the capability to post videos directly, not just linking to a YouTube video but actually posting a video directly in your Twitter stream. Not only is this useful for posting video from your smartphone, but you can also create video on your computer and share. Video Tweets on Twitter have increased by over 50% since the beginning of 2016. Initially limited to 30 seconds, Twitter announced in June that they were increasing the limit to 140 seconds.

Obviously Twitter sees the value of video on their social media platform. In a study that Twitter commissioned, they found that the majority of Twitter users (82%) watch video content on Twitter. Further analysis of their own internal data found that native video on Twitter drives more overall engagement than third-party videos shared on Twitter. What kind of increased engagement? How about 2.5X more replies, 2.8X more Retweets and 1.9X more Favorites. If you want better audience engagement on Twitter, those numbers are pretty compelling – you can double your engagement rate, or more, by posting video tweets.

Some Examples

So what do these video tweets look like? If you’re on Twitter much at all you’ve no doubt already seen examples, but let’s look at some examples here. This first one is an example I created recently to promote events and activities in the Sacramento startup community.

This short video factoid about Sacramento’s working-age population is only 5 seconds in length – a quick animated data visualization stat. This short little animated video resulted in a 4X engagement rate over the average tweet engagements on that account.

This little animated GIF tweet blew the doors off the usual number of impressions from this account, 10x or more than the usual number of impressions. Although the engagement rate didn’t go up significantly, it definitely grabbed people’s attention.

And here’s a few examples from major corporations that are incorporating short videos into their Twitter marketing.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Remember, you should still continue to follow best practices for posting on Twitter and for inbound content marketing. For example, schedule your tweets when you get the highest amount of traction. Don’t know when that is? Then you need to analyze your Twitter Analytics and see what times you get the most traction out of your tweets. Also, remember to use hashtags that are appropriate for the topic your tweeting about. And as always, Build, Measure, Learn.