For a few weeks now I’ve been working on an interactive visualization to represent the nodes and connections of the entities in the Sacramento startup ecosystem. Why? Because I believe that mapping out a city’s startup ecosystem can make it more transparent, accessible, and inviting to newcomers. It can also broaden the perspective of existing players in the community thereby expanding the general knowledge of the ecosystem, helping it become more inclusive, cohesive, and collaborative. This conceptual map of Sacramento’s startup ecosystem maps out the connections and relationships of the various entities in our region’s growing startup community.

Like Journey Through Startup Weekend Sacramento: Health Edition, I built this interactive infographic by creating the diagram itself in Adobe Illustrator, then exporting it as an SVG image. By labeling each of the nodes in the diagram in Illustrator with unique IDs, these IDs can then be targeted by Javascript to open modal windows for more information about each node.

*** This is a beta test version. ***

Click on the image to open the interactive infographic diagram in a new window.