SWSac-Editions-Month-StoryStartup Weekend Sacramento: Health Edition was a great success, surpassing the organizing team’s expectations. It turns out our event coincided with Startup Weekend Editions Month. Editions are Startup Weekends supercharged by an industry, theme, or group.

Editions will bring together entrepreneurs and industry experts for all kinds of out of this world innovation and community building – they are an invaluable tool for Community Leaders to foster the diversity required for thriving entrepreneurial communities.

Part of Editions Month is a story contest with a chance to submit our story and win prize money for funding future Startup Weekend Sacramento events.

For the story of Startup Weekend Sacramento: Health Edition, I created a single page web story with an interactive timeline that shows photos, tweets, and tells the story of what our participants experienced during the event. A screen capture of that is to the right, but you can check it out be clicking the image or the link below.

A Journey Through Startup Weekend Sacramento: Health Edition

Thanks to our team leader for the event, Maria Navas-Moreno, for the help with writing the story elements in the interactive infographic.