Turning an infographic into an animated infographic, or gifographic

I’ve been experimenting a bit lately a bit with interactive infographics and animated infographics, aka Gifographics. Infographics have become very commonplace in content marketing these days. So the question is, how to make some informational content stand out. The term gifographic (apparently coined by Neil Patel) refers to an infographic that has animation. How do you get animation in an infographic? You create the infographic as an animated GIF. It turns out, it’s not as hard as some might think. As a test, I wanted to turn an infographic I created last year to promote a Startup Weekend Sacramento event, into a gifographic with updated branding. I plan to do a more detailed write-up of the process in a subsequent article, but essentially I only had to modify my initial Adobe Illustrator file with a few extra graphics for the different states of the graphic elements (mostly just changing colors, but also some movement) then export to Photoshop and use Photoshop’s timeline feature to sequence the various layers. The result below, still needs some work and finessing, but served as a good initial experiment. You can see a larger version here.