I’m currently working on a few projects for a couple of different companies, creating several short animated videos, infographics, as well as animated infographics (gifographics) and interactive infographics. While these two companies have vastly different industries and products their content marketing teams are being very astute at extending the mileage they get out of content they’ve already created by repurposing it into different form factors. Here’s a few ideas to get some extra mileage out of your existing content based on the work I’ve been doing.

  1. Create an infographic or animated video out of a pitch deck
  2. Create a short, illustrated animation of your device’s instructions
  3. Create a short, illustrated animation of your device’s key benefits or features.
  4. Turn an animated video into an animated GIF
  5. Create an animated infographic (aka gifographic) or an interactive infographic out of an existing static infographic
  6. Turn a video into an infographic
  7. Create microcontent social ‘cards’ out of infographics, videos, and pitch decks

So, for example, if I were to follow my own advice here, I’d create an infographic out of this article. Then I could create Twitter Cards out of each of the seven items outlined here and in the infographic. Taking it further, I could add animation to the graphics in the infographic to make it a gifographic, or an animated video. Get the idea? Once you get into the habit of looking for alternate forms to publish your content and ways to break it into smaller modules you’ll have plenty of ideas for generating content marketing material.