Official planning for the next Startup Weekend Sacramento kicked off this week with the first of several planning meetings by the organizing team. I enjoyed the experience of creating infographics, teaser videos, and writing articles so much on the last Startup Weekend last November that I decided to step up and head up the marketing efforts for the next event which will be held April 29 РMay 1 in downtown Sacramento.

This next Startup Weekend Sacramento will be focused on health and healthcare.¬†We’ll aim to engage public and private companies and organizations which are involved in the healthcare system, as well as inventors of technologies, software developers, designers and students with interests in Healthcare, eHealth, Mobile Health aka mHealth, Digital Health, Wearables, Health IT, Medical Devices, etc.

I’ll plan to create several short animated videos to tease and promote the event as well as explain what participants can expect over the course of the weekend. Here’s the first, very short little teaser about the event. I’m planning to post this as an embedded video in Twitter feeds. It’s just meant to be a bit of animated eye candy to grab people’s attention.

I’m finding that getting video to play consistently in Twitter’s timeline can be a challenge, so as a fallback, an animated GIF version works well for posting on Twitter.


Additionally, I’ve created several graphics already for the banners for the Startup Weekend Sacramento Twitter and Facebook pages.


I’ve also revised the Startup Weekend logo to give it a Sacramento spin.


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