Since I’m a bit of a data visualization enthusiast, I’ve been teaching myself to program interactive data visualizations for a year or two, first using Processing, and most recently, using D3.js. I’ve been programming in one form or another since the mid-90s and Processing came fairly naturally. But D3, which is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data, has been a bit of a struggle. As a web developer focused mostly on server side scripting I’ve avoided JavaScript as much as I could over the years, diving into it only when absolutely necessary, so my experience learning D3 without a stronger foundation of JavaScript is probably not the most ideal path to learning D3. Nevertheless, I’ve been able to create a few interactive data visualizations using D3 that I’m reasonably satisfied with.

In sharing some of those visualizations here and on Twitter, I was asked by Derek @sac_js if I wanted to give a talk on my experiences with data visualization and D3 at a Sacramento JavaScript Meetup. After making sure he was aware that I’m pretty much a newbie at both JavaScript and D3, I agreed. So, the following rough and informal presentation is what I’m presenting tonight at the Sacramento JavaScript Meetup.

A JS Noob's Experience Learning D3.js

A JS Noob’s Experience Learning D3.js

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Some D3 examples I’ve created.