Monthly average temperatures for the month of June: 1893 – 2015

As part of an ongoing data visualization project I’m developing of Sacramento weather data using D3.js, I’m exploring year-year temperature changes for a given month of the year, for example, how average monthly maximum and minimum temperatures for the month of June have changed each year since 1893. ┬áThe average low, mean, and high temperatures in Sacramento for the month of June have varied significantly from year to year over the past 123 years. The interactive graph below visually represents these changes over the years using D3.js. Those interested in looking at the D3.js code that generates this can find it in this Github Gist.

Other representation of this dataset include a look at daily high and low temperatures as well as precipitation over the past 123 years, here, and a look at the number of days/month with high temperatures at or over 90 degrees over the last 123 years here. Eventually I plan to incorporate all of these into a comprehensive interactive data visualization of Sacramento weather history.