2015 Sacramento Kings Season

Note: These visualizations are still a work in progress.

The Sacramento Kings 2014-2015 season started out with a promising start. After the first half dozen games, the Kings were off to a 5-1 season, adding fervor to an already rabid Sacramento fan base. But, that momentum was short-lived as the losses began to pile up.

Wins and Losses

The sparklines below represent wins and losses for each game. Dark purple bars rising up from the horizontal line represent wins. The lighter bars going down represent losses. The length of each bar signifies the point differential between Sacramento and the opposing team for that game.

Games over/under .500

How does the Kings’ performance this season compare to previous seasons. The chart below tracks 30 season of wins above or below the .500 mark since the Kings have been in Sacramento. Hover your mouse over a line to see additional details.

Player Game Stats

Follow the flow of individual Kings player performance for each game of the 2014-15 season.

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