Bubble charts are similar to scatter plots, but offer the ability to represent additional variables by the size of the circles as well as colors of the circles. Like scatter plots, they’re good for showing the correlation of the variable on the x axis to the variable on the y axis, and, though circle size isn’t ideal for close comparison of values, the bubble size can give a basic sense of an additional variable. Bubble charts can be created easily with basic spreadsheet software, but formatting and styling options are limited.

Generating a bubble chart with Density Design’s RAW tool is quick and easy and editing the output in Illustrator gives you a lot of control of format and style. The generated charts from RAW have a few formatting and styling quirks. This tutorial will walk you through a process of creating a basic bubble chart in RAW, exporting it as an .svg file that you can then open with Adobe Illustrator and adjust the format and style of the chart elements.

Download Tutorial: How to Make a Bubble Plot with RAW and Illustrator