Sidebar-AdAre you in the digital health, med tech, or health tech space and need resources, tips, and media to communicate visually with your audience? The convergence of technology with health and medicine is an exciting area. There’s enormous potential but it can be very complex and difficult to explain and communicate. Visual communication is ideal to clarify and communicate in this growing digital health space.

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Check out the resources page page to see the current set of digital media available for download.

What You Can Expect

  • Occasional newsletters (no more than once per month – probably once per quarter) with news, resources, and tips on visual communication in digital health
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Health & Medicine + Technology Digital Media

Below are a few examples of royalty-free, stock images, icons & pictograms, animated GIF icons, and video (coming soon). For the full set, Check out the resources page page to see the current set of digital media available for download. More are in the works so check back or sign up to get notified of new resources added to the set. Also, if you’ve got an idea for digital media content that you don’t see here that you think would be valuable to the digital health community, send me your idea.

Each animated GIF icon download is a .zip file containing 4 sizes of animated GIFs; large, medium, small, and extra small, plus a .psd file of the animated GIF to allow for customization of the background color. Instructions for customizing background color.



ECG Heart


SmartPhone Health Dashboard


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