xSmall version

Throughout much of the latter part of last year I created and posted free icons and pictograms for download. Most of these were health and medical or digital health related icons and pictograms. Since the animated GIF has recently made a comeback I thought it would be fun to create a free animated GIF icon for download. Since being more active and taking more steps each day, and tracking those steps is a common theme these days, I thought I’d start off with a basic animated icon of the ever-ubiquitous Pictogram Man walking. I’ve got ideas for more animated icon variations in the future, but for now, have fun with this one.

Update: I’ve created four different sizes for this animated GIF icon: Large (308 x 600), Medium (246 x 480), Small (103 x 200), xSmall (52 x 100). All four are available for download as a .zip file in the link below, along with the .psd file in case you want a different background color. Also, if you’re dropping the icon into a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, any of the icons should be easily re-sizeable to whatever size you need.

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Medium size

Download .zip file of all four sizes

Feel free to download and use in your presentation or website. Free for commercial or non-commercial. Attribution is nice, but optional (though a nice shout-out tweet to @digitalsplash would be great).

More Digital Health Visual Communication Resources