Getting the Most out of Your Custom Animated Infographic Video

Extending-Video-Value-CashCustom animated explainer videos are usually very labor-intensive and time-consuming to produce and as a result, they’re often more expensive than people expect them to be. But while many may underestimate the initial cost of having a custom animated explainer video made, I think a lot of people also underestimate the value of that video over time. Consider this, if you craft the right message, an online video essentially serves as a 24/7/365 salesman, explaining your business or product to anyone, anywhere at any time, making sales and pre-sales, qualifying inquiries and answering questions up front, and saving you time down the road.

Consider how much time you and your sales and marketing staff spend explaining your product or service and how much of that time could be saved by utilizing a video explanation as a first step. I’m willing to bet that over the course of a year, the cost of that video will be tiny compared to the equivalent labor cost of you and your staff doing the explaining.
A lot of businesses are content to just upload their video to YouTube and embed it on their website. But there are additional, often over-looked options to use your video explanation and extend its value that many have not thought of. Once you have your video, you can use it on more than just your YouTube channel and website. Here are a few additional ideas to help you extend the value of your video beyond traditional online venues.

1. Use Your Video in Presentations. Your video can be embedded in your Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote presentation.
Benefit: This can save you time creating presentations by reusing your video. It also makes your presentation a bit easier because you can click the play button and just stand back and relax for a few minutes while your video does the work.


2. Use Your Video in Your Booth at Conferences and Trade Shows. If you or your marketing team will be attending a trade show or conference where your business will have a booth, set up a computer or tablet that continuously plays the video. Be sure to have the video file right on your device. If the Wi-fi or internet connection is spotty, your video will still play without issues.
Benefit: The video will help draw people’s attention to your booth and take some of the load of you and your staff manning the booth.

3. Have a copy of your video on your smartphone and tablet all the time to show anyone anywhere. It’s rare that we go anywhere these days without our smart phone or even tablets. By keeping a copy of your video file on your smartphone and tablet, you’ll be able to show your video to anyone, anywhere, anytime – on airplanes, in airports, in elevators, in a bar or restaurant. Ditch the elevator pitch and let your video tell people what your company does.
Benefit: Whenever there’s an opportunity to talk with someone face-to-face about your business or product, grab your phone and click play and let the video due the explaining for you. This keeps your message consistent and you can easily share the link to the video with them so that they can review it later as well.


4. Use your video at sales calls. Reduce the time your sales staff spends at sales calls. You can the link to the video to potential clients ahead of time and get some of the preliminary questions out of the way. Additionally, you can use the video as a pre-qualifier for sales calls to gauge interest.
Benefit: You save time at sales calls and potentially reduce the number of sales visits that would not led to anything more.




Additional Ideas to Get Your Video Viewed More

In addition to the ideas above, make sure to leverage your video explanation across all possible online and social media channels such as the following.

Your Company’s Facebook Page
Given the dominance of social media, it should go without saying that your video should be on your company’s Facebook page. But I still see a lot of businesses that overlook this simple place to get their video seen. Given how easy it is to share content on Facebook, if you’re not posting your video here, you’re missing an opportunity to get your video seen and shared.

As with Facebook, Twitter is another great venue to get people to share your video. While you don’t want to overdo it tweeting about your video, it wouldn’t hurt to send a tweet about your video every few weeks or so.

Slideshare can be an often overlooked venue to distribute content. It’s a great place to share presentations. But you can also upload a simple presentation with an embedded YouTube video in that presentation within SlideShare. Learn more about how to do this here.

LinkedIn Groups
If you belong to any relevant LinkedIn groups, share the video there as long as doing so is within the guidelines of the group.

Email Blasts
If you have an email list that you send regular email newsletters to, include a link to the video in a newsletter. Embedding video directly in emails can still have varying results across different email clients so it’s best to use a an image from the video that links to a page on your website with your embedded video.

Other Video Channels
While YouTube is often the main video channel people focus on it doesn’t need to be the only one. Consider other video channels such as Vimeo.

Press Releases
Industry-specific news sites are often looking for content that they can share. Send them a news release that includes a link to your video. They may decide to include your news item and embed your video on their site.

So, hopefully you’ve learned some valuable new ideas in here that you hadn’t thought of before to help you get a bit more mileage and value out of your explainer video. When you consider the power that video has to engage an audience and how incredibly easy videos are to share, it’s hard to beat the value of video as a marketing tool.

Finally, consider this. If you’re not using video to engage your target markets, you’re behind your competition. Top digital trends continue to show that video is one of the best tactics you can use to interact with your customers and target market, as these predictions from marketing thought leaders pointed out recently on Forbes:

According to Jeffrey Hayzlett, primetime television show host on Bloomberg, author of bestselling books The Mirror Test and Running the Gauntlet

“ Using new mediums like video to engage target markets and sharing content via social media using OPM (other people’s money) will drive awareness for brands and put them ahead of their competitors in 2014.”

And according to Suzanne Fanning, President of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)

“Images and videos have become the go-to viral tactic, and will continue to expand as brands can use visuals to interact with their consumers and the newest group of influencers–visual influencers.”

If you have found any other unique ways to extend the value and reach of your video that you don’t see listed here, please comment.