I created this “animated infographic fast facts” video that visually presents findings from a recent report by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality that shows that the costliest 1% of patients in the U.S. healthcare system account for 21% of spending and the top 5% account for 50% of spending.

Known as frequent flyers, or super-utilizers, these patients suffer from heart disease, diabetes, and kidney problems. Most of their care is in multiple hospitals and ERs. Their healthcare is haphazard and uncoordinated. Lack of coordinated care is a major factor in the cost of the 1% and having a coordinated care plan is crucial to improving healthcare.


Kaiser Health News

American Medical News

This is my second recent experiment with what I’m referring to as “animated fast facts videos” or “animated infographic fast facts videos”. The idea is extremely short animated videos, 30 – 40 seconds of video (excluding opening title and credits) that are based on data from a recent report or research study. There’s no real story structure to the script other than presenting a few basic stats along with some context for those stats. I think of it as a teaser or trailer for the more in depth report.Healthcare-frequent-flyers-coordinated-care-1

In addition to my self-imposed duration constraint I’m also limiting the production time to ~ 10 hours for each of these (which includes defining script, visuals ideation, rough storyboard sketches, creation of illustrations, animation, music and editing), which puts constraints on how sophisticated, refined and smooth the animation and transitions can be, as well as style constraints on the graphics and illustrations. Additional constraints; no narration and the script word count needs to be limited to about 70 words.