While doing some research on the effects of sugar consumption on health I came across a 2012 analysis from a group of scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (SFGH) and Columbia University that suggests that: “suggests a tax on sugary beverages would prevent heart disease, stroke and diabetes, and save billions in health care costs.”

It’s a compelling argument given recent findings on the detrimental effects of sugar on our health and the article seemed well-suited for a visual explanation of the analysis. An infographic would have been a perfect complement for the article. I toyed around with the idea of creating an accompanying infographic for it myself, but I’ve already got a backlog of personal projects, so I decided to just create a sketchnote of the article and call it a sketchnote infographic. The result is below. Click on the image to see a larger version.



For those interested in the process of creating this, I created the image above on my iPad using the Adobe Ideas app. But first I created a very rough idea on paper, the refined that in a second draft on paper, took a picture with my iPad of that and brought that photo into Adobe Ideas as a template where I recreated it by drawing with a stylus. When that was complete, I imported that into Adobe Illustrator to add the credits and my branding at the bottom.

First Draft:


Second Draft;