How to Figure out What Visuals to Use in Your Explanations

Technology can be complex, and explaining and communicating what a new technology does or how it works or why it’s significant can be a challenge. Explaining complex technology with words alone often leads to what author, consultant, and visual thinking guru Dan Roam calls “Blah Blah Blah” – the result when smart people limit their explanations and communications to words alone.

In his latest book, “Blah Blah Blah: What to do When Words Dont’ Work,” Dan Roam distills visual communication down to a visual grammar that you can use to figure out how to explain and communicate with visuals and take the blah blah blah out of your technical explanations and communications.

I highly recommend Dan’s book and his Vivid Grammar Graph to anyone looking to be more effective in their explanations, but for a quick overview of Vivid Grammar and how to figure out what visuals to use in your explanations, check out this video where Dan explains the concept to Nancy Duarte of the presentation design firm, Duarte.

Dan Roam – Vivid Grammar from Duarte on Vimeo.