Animated-Infographic-Video-ProcessAnimated explanation videos have become one of the best ways to explain a business, product, concept or cause to an audience quickly. Done well, an animated video will keep the audience engaged, even entertained while explaining, educating and informing visually, much better than plain text can do.

A lot of businesses are beginning to realize the potential that an explanation video has, but are often ignorant or naive about what goes into making them. Put simply, creating an animated explanation video takes time to do well. Even a short video can take dozens of hours in planning, script writing, creation of graphics, animating and editing.

The blog published a nice little overview awhile back called “How to Produce Motion Graphics.”  It’s a good overview but I felt like it didn’t capture enough of what goes into making an explanation video, so I created my own more detailed process flow and break down of what goes into making an animated explanation video. You can download a free copy here by subscribing to the Digital Splash Media newsletter.