An animated explainer video to show what visual thinking is.

It’s finally done. Or, to be more accurate, I’m stopping work on it so I can move on to other projects. As I mentioned in previous blog posts (here and here), I took on this project with the intent to visually show the different types of visual thinking. The plan was to have a video that people could use or even download to show in meetings, in presentations, on blogs, wherever, to promote interest in learning how to think visually.

Visual Thinking Is… from Jeff Bennett on Vimeo.

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 Credits & Acknowledgements

I couldn’t have completed this video without the generosity of several visual thinkers who provided their permission to use their works as examples in the video. Special thanks to Mike Rohde, Sunni Brown, and Eva-Lotta Lamm for their support. I should also point out the great resource of, a great resource for infographics and information design examples, all licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Written and produced by Jeff Bennett, Digital Splash Media
Motion graphics and animation by Jeff Bennett, Digital Splash Media
Licensed under Creative Commons License:

Music: “Home Tonight” – DoKashiteru, Creative Commons License,

Examples and Graphics Sources
Graphic Recording example courtesy Sunni Brown,
Data Visualization example courtesy GapMinder,
Sketchnotes example courtesy Mike Rohde,
Sketchnotes example courtesy Eva-Lotta Lamm,
Diagram example Karen Bennett
Infographics example – Density Design via Creative Commons License
Information Design example – infographica animata via Creative Commons License
VizThink logo courtesy VizThink
Light bulb pictogram Olivier Guin, from The Noun Project
Thought Bubble pictogram Alex Bakker from The Noun Project
VizThink NYC photos courtesy Steve Cherches
Other assorted visual thinking examples via Creative Commons License