FinalCheckTypenex contacted me late in May about making a custom animated video to explain their product FinalCheck.

FinalCheck is an easy-to-use mechanical barrier system designed to help reduce blood transfusion errors associated with patient identification. It provides a physical barrier – a lock – that can only be opened using a code on the patient’s admissions band.

The first step was to identify the audience and set a goal of the video. The video is targeted towards nurses and blood bank staff who may already be aware of the product. The goal of the video was to motivate the target audience from awareness to motivate them to try out the product.

Typenex provided script, which went through some revisions but overall we kept 90% or more of the initial script.

Initial FinalCheck SketchesOnce we had an initial script defined I moved on to some initial rough sketches of graphics to tell the story, then put those sketches with the text from the script for a storyboard.

Once the basic graphic ideas were approved it was time to create the graphics in Adobe Illustrator. I like to use basic icons and pictograms in my videos, but I wanted to jazz them up a bit in this video by making each of the characters in the video, lab directors and nurses, somewhat distinguishable. So I had the idea of dressing up the standard “pictogram man/woman” in medical scrubs and lab coats.

FinalCheck cast of charactersThese graphic assets, as I refer to them, included distinct characters for lab directors, male nurses and female nurses in several postures including walking, running, juggling, on the phone, front view, and rear view. Since the video is heavily process oriented, we also needed several graphics for items in hospital scenes as well as the product itself, blood bags, hospital beds, patients, blood tubes, patient’s arms, arm bands, and more.

Once the graphic assets were created I moved on to Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro to begin animation in earnest. This is the most time-consuming part of a project, especially with this project with several scenes and lots of animation and motion needed to convey several processes. I initially recorded a rough voiceover narration myself to get a rough idea of timing and pacing. Final voiceover was contracted to Mary Linn via

After a bit of finessing and a few edits, the final product was released last week.

FinalCheck from Typenex on Vimeo.

Thanks to the folks at Typenex for the opportunity to work with them in creating this video and I look forward to working with them soon on some additional animated explanation videos.