One of the nice things about WordPress is that it’s flexible enough to meet a lot of different business website needs.

Let’s say you’re just starting a small business and you don’t really have any content to put on a website yet and you’re not ready to start blogging. You might want to just start out with a single page website with a contact form on the home page so that people can contact you. This is really easy to do in WordPress. Let’s walk you through it.


I’ll start with a test WordPress site that’s just been installed. By default, WordPress installs with a sample blog post. Let’s first delete that.

Next, I’m going to create a new page that will serve as my home page. I click on Page Add New, enter the name of the page and down below I put in some intro text and this is where I’ll also paste in some code for our contact form in a little bit. When I’m ready, I click the blue Publish button.

Next, I’m going to need a contact form plugin so I go to Plugins and I don’t have any contact form plugins installed yet so I need to find one by typing in the search field. Here I’m going to look for a very simple and basic contact form plugin called Contact Form 7. It’s at the top of the list of the resulting page. I click on Install Now and when prompted to, click the OK button.

Next I activate the plugin by clicking the Activate Plugin link.

Next, I’ll need to get a bit of bit of code from the plugin’s settings panel to paste into my page. For this plugin, it’s right up at the top. I select it and copy the code.

Then I go to the Home page that I created, and paste the code where I want the form to go. Remember to click the blue Update button.

Now if we go to check out our site, we won’t see quite what we want yet. There’s one more important step.

We need to go to our Settings > REading and specify that we want a static home page and select the page we created from the drop down menu for Front Page. Don’t worry about selecting anything for the Posts page dropdown. Click the blue Save Changes button, and now when we go back to view our website and click to refresh, we should see our form.

Now you’ll notice that in this example the comments form is also showing. This could be a bit confusing for readers, so let’s disable that. Go back to your page, click on Screen Options near the top right of your page, and select the discussion check box. Now a new Discussion panel will appear on your page with two check boxes that specify whether or not this page should allow comments or trackbacks and pingbacks. Unclick the Allow comments box. The other doesn’t matter for this, but I’ll unselect it anyway and then click the blue update button.

Now when I go back to my website and refresh, that comments box is no longer there. Now we have a very simple, website with a contact form on the home page.

One last thing, let’s delete that default Sample Page that WordPress gave us. Go back to your admin panel, Pages > All Pages and hover over the Sample Page item until you see the links underneath it and click the Trash link.

Now we should have just a single page website. Not very exciting but it might be just the thing some small business need when they’re just starting out.