WordPress 3.1 was released this past week and brings with it some nice new functionality and improvements to make your workflow easier. I haven’t had time to test out the new features much yet, but I wanted to touch briefly on the latest features you can expect and link to some other articles about it where you can learn about the features in more detail.

WordPress 3.1 Features

The main new features to WordPress 3.1 include:

  • Internal Linking
  • Post Formats
  • Admin Bar

Internal Linking

Prior to WordPress 3.1, linking to another page on your WordPress site was just like linking to another page on the web, you copied the URL of the link and pasted it into the dialog box. Version 3.1 now makes linking internally a bit easier.

To learn more about this new feature check out Lorelle VanFossen’s article on WordCast.

Post Formats

Post formats are going to allow you to format your content according to according to what kind of content it is, allowing a Tumblr-like experience in WordPress. There’s a great tutorial over on WordCast about using WordPress post formats. Check it out. This is going to be a pretty cool feature, allowing you for instance to format your basic text-heavy articles differently than say a video article or photo essay. Check out this article for some ideas on the possibilities that this will bring.

Admin Bar

The other main new feature is the addition of a WordPress.com-style admin bar on your site. Personally, I’m not that crazy about this feature and luckily there is an easy way to disable it. It’s intended to to bring your most-used dashboard items within a click away. Maybe I’ll learn to like it but for now, I’m disabling it.

To disable it, go to the Users menu item and click to edit your user profile. You’ll see an option titled Show Admin Bar. You can enable or disable it for the public portion of your site as well as your dashboard. It should be noted that the admin bar isn’t visible on the public view of your site for other people and only for you if you’re logged in.

So, some interesting new features and well worth the upgrade. But of coures, follow recommended update guidelines by backing everything up first and disabling your plugins before doing the automatic update. To learn more about additional features in 3.1 check out the WordPress.org news.