By now, you’ve hopefully heard that incorporating online video for your business is a powerful way to connect and engage with your audience and is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your website. But, where to begin. If you’ve never shot and edited any video, except for that one of your cat walking on the piano, or your dog barking at itself in the mirror, it can be tough to know where to begin, what to shoot, or how to shoot it. Fortunately, the growth of online video over the last couple of years has also brought with it, a lot of great resources for getting started.

Vimeo Video School

One of the best resources I’ve seen so far just came out a few weeks ago. Vimeo is a video-sharing website similar to YouTube. Recently they launched Vimeo Video School, a great place to learn how to make better videos. There’s a broad range of video available, starting with Video 101 for beginners on up to advanced techniques. If you’re looking to produce your own videos, definitely check these guys out.


Videomaker is another great online resource with tons of tutorials and lessons. Some require a subscription, but many are free, including The 5 deadly sins of amateur video.

If your serious about getting into video, I recommend the subscription which will get you a regular eNewsletter as well as their print magazine. If you want to sample them first, just follow them on Twitter for awhile (@videomaker).


While ReelSEO tends to focus more on video marketing and video SEO, the also frequently publish articles with tips on making a producing online videos, such as, Good Reminders For Successful Online Video Self-Production. Well worth subscribing to them on Twitter (@reelseo) or their RSS feed.

Spend a couple of hours reading and viewing the resources on these web sites and you should have a good foundation of what to strive for and what to avoid when getting started. Good luck.