The east coast is beginning to dig out of one of the biggest blizzards in decades. The raw numbers are impressive; over 4,155 flights cancelled, up to 32 inches of snow piling up, and wind gusts of 80 mph. Yet raw numbers often don’t have the same impact as a visually compelling demonstration. Photographer Mike Black set up his digital SLR on a tripod looking out his back window and set it up to take a photo once every 5 minutes. He then edited 20 hours of snowfall into a 38 second video that shows just how fast and heavy this snow piled up. Take a look.


I think there’s a couple of good lessons here for businesses. First it shows how much better video is at demonstrating things than just plain text or even photos. Second, it shows some nice creativity on Mike’s part. This video has already gone viral in its first day of release, approaching 1 million views. This video is going to go a long ways in getting Mike some publicity for his photography business I suspect. And another lesson. It shows that you don’t have to have a video camera to take compelling video. I’m guessing that Mike has a pretty good camera, but he didn’t use it to take video. He shot still images and edited them together to create a time-lapse video. All good examples applicable to online video for businesses.