Swan Interiors Maui new website home page

Back in July this year I was contacted by the folks at Swan Interiors in Maui to redesign their website. They had an old website that hadn’t been updated in several years. They were planning to open their new furniture store in Maui and wanted to roll out a new website to correspond with the store opening.

I met with Kristin Holmes, principal of Swan Interiors, and they showed me the design concept that they had put together using Apple’s Pages application. The plan from the beginning was to build the site in WordPress to allow them to update the site content themselves. So, the challenge became one of creating a custom theme to match the design that they had come up with.

Once again, I started with the default WordPress TwentyTen theme and built a child theme. The more I use the TwentyTen theme, the more I’m impressed with it. It lends itself very well to customization once you learn how the theme’s structure, functions and stylesheet are set up.

Once I had the basic site structure set up it was a collaborative effort to populate the site with content, with Kristin doing much of the work uploading and adding photos to the various pages. An interesting feature we found early on and incorporated in several pages was the Issuu embedded magazine. Using Issuu, Swan can create a magazine-like article using Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, save it as a PDF and upload it to Issuu, which creates a flashy, glossy e-magazine. Pretty slick. And with just a bit of embed code, we can incorporate those into the website. You can see an example of one of these here. The project went very smoothly and Kristin was a dream client to work with. Thanks to Kristin and the folks at Swan Interiors for the opportunity.

So, be sure to check out the new Swan Interiors website – quite a different and unique customization of the standard WordPress theme. And, be sure to stop by the new Swan Interiors furniture store in Wailuku on the corner of Vineyard and Church.