On Friday, June 18, more than 20 Maui small business owners attended an introductory WordPress workshop hosted by the Maui Economic Development Board’s High Tech Maui Program. We had a lot of material to cover in four hours. Like trying to drink from a fire hose, there’s just no way to catch everything.  So, below are the slides used in the first portion of the workshop. For best results, toggle to full screen mode, by clicking on the little menu icon in the lower left corner of the presentation, then selecting View Fullscreen.

Most of the workshop was a live exercise in creating a new  website for a fictitious business, Chateau Maui, from scratch, so there’s no slides for that portion. But there are resources available that cover a lot of that material as well. I’ve created a page on this site, WordPress 101, that has lots of links to video tutorials covering the topics from the workshop.

Towards the end of the workshop I mentioned a free online service for backing up WordPress databases. That service is called Backup Technology. Find more information about their WordPress backup service here.

Thanks to everyone for attending and for your participation. If you’re still not finding something we covered in the workshop, post a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer your question or point you to the answer.