Using Online Video for Your Business

Using Online Video for Your Business

As part of the High Tech Maui Social Media Workshop Series, I’m in the process of putting together a new workshop: “Using Online Video for Business – Leveraging the power of online video to grow your business.” Here’s the basic information.


A workshop to teach the Maui business community about the benefits of online video marketing, providing an overview of: benefits of online video marketing, goals of online video, ways businesses are using online videos, types of videos, venues, tools used, an overview of the process including developing a story and script, production, editing, encoding, uploading to the Web and sharing. We’ll review examples, demonstrate software tools and time permitting we’ll go through exercise to brainstorm ideas and techniques for videos for attendees.


Maui small business owners, attendees from previous workshops


Introduce local business owners to a powerful and accessible tool for promoting their business and supporting its operation.


  • Why your business should be using online video (statistics, benefits – real world examples of companies benefiting)
  • Goals of online video
  • Ways businesses are using online video
  • Types
  • Venues
  • Tools
  • Process (pre-production: story/script/storyboard, production, post-production: editing, publishing, uploading and sharing)
  • Promoting, tracking and measuring success of your online video

Promotional Teaser:

“Video marketing is poised for a huge year in 2010. The reason is clear: video simply engages people in a way that static text and images cannot. There are dozens of studies that show the power of video to boost customer interaction, drive sales, encourage viral sharing, and build brand awareness. And according to MarketingSherpa, 95 percent of the companies that have used online video marketing are happy with the results and expect to use it again in the future.” (Source:

Based on feedback collected from previous High Tech Maui workshops, we saw a definite interest in a YouTube or Online Video workshop. If you’re interested in learning how to incorporate online video into your website or online presence and have feedback or comments about this upcoming workshop, post a comment below. The tentative rough date for this workshop is probably late July or early August. I’ll post more information here and on the High Tech Maui website when things get firmed up more.