Every business needs a website. But historically, to build a website, you either needed to know how to code a website, or hire someone who did. But with the advent of free, open source internet publishing tools like WordPress, you don’t HAVE to know how to code. Though it started out as a blogging platform, WordPress is now a very capable online publishing tool and content management system that you can use to build your entire site with – not just a blog. So, why is this good news for you? You can create a website and update its content on your own without having to know HTML. You can easily create new pages or edit existing pages using a simple text editor.

As part of a series of workshops sponsored by High Tech Maui for the local Maui business community, I’ll be doing a workshop in May about setting up a website using WordPress. The date is tentatively set for Tuesday, May 25, 8:00 – noon. Seating will be limited to 20. Stay tuned for registration details.

I’ll also be posting much of the content of the workshop, as presentation or video, here on this site after the workshop. Peter Liu will be doing an introduction to blogging for business workshop on April 30 that might be a good prerequisite for mine. Registration is now open for that, but will likely fill up fast.

I’m still working on content and material for the workshop, here’s what I have so far. It will start with a conceptual overview of WordPress, followed by a presentation of screenshots and videos to show the basic process of setting up a web site from scratch in WordPress. After that, we’ll segue into a live demonstration and hands-on, interactive portion so that attendees can jump in and try it out in the workshop.

Subject matter I plan to cover:

  1. Why use WordPress for your business website
  2. What is WordPress
  3. WordPress.com vs WordPress.org
  4. Sign-up and activation for WordPress.com
  5. Themes
  6. Publishing Posts
  7. Publishing Pages
  8. Posts vs Pages
  9. Managing media
  10. Managing Comments
  11. Managing Links
  12. Basic settings
  13. Site structure
  14. Widgets
  15. Signing up and installing WordPress.org
  16. Plugins
  17. Static home pages
  18. Backups
  19. Security

That’s a lot to cover in four hours, which is why I want to go through it all in increasing levels of detail, starting out at a high, conceptual level, then diving down a little deeper and showing the process of the items above, then, once through that, demonstrating it live and getting the participants hands dirty doing it themselves.

I’ve put together a quick overview video of the process of going from scratch to a basic structure to show people how simple it is and how there’s doesn’t need to be any coding done to get a basic site structure up and running. Check it out.

Think you might be interested? Stay tuned to this site and my Twitter feed, as well as the High Tech Maui site for more details on dates and registration.