As part of my upcoming WordPress for your Business Website Workshop I want to give a quick overview of the process of going from scratch to a basic structure to show people how simple it is and how there’s no coding involved. I thought a fun way to do that would be to set up a new sight and do a video capture of that, then speed it up. The result is this sped up overview of setting up up a website for business covering just the basics of selecting a theme, defining some basic settings and setting up a basic site structure with some pages, topping it off with adding some widgets to the sidebar – all in less then 4 minutes (actually it took about 18 minutes before speeding up the video screen capture).

Obviously I don’t expect anyone to be able the details of this. The detailed steps will be shown and discussed afterward. If you’re wondering, the site I’m setting up is a fictitious business site for my dog, Sookie. She’s going to have some schwag to sell (wag schwag?) like T-shirts and services as well. The capture and editing of this was done with Techsmith’s Camtasia, exported to .mov, then imported to iMovie, sped up, then exported again.