While I’ve been heavily focused on explanatory video projects lately, I’ve also been kept very busy on web projects for one of my main clients, Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB). I started doing web work for MEDB back in 2005, redesigning several of their websites. In 2009 we set out to re-brand the various MEDB web sites, with Maui graphic design firm Sae Design taking the lead on the look. First up was the MEDB web site. After meeting about functionality and concept, Sae delivered a Photoshop file to me from which I produced the basic web template as well as a WordPress template for the news section. The concept includes featured content slider on the home page implemented with jQuery. The result is a much sleeker, cleaner, open design than the old site.

The Advanced Maui Optical Space and Surveillance Technologies Conference (AMOS) is another project of MEDB for which I do quite a bit of work. Most of this is primarily back-end database functionality to support conference registration, and submission of technical papers for the conference but we also come up with a new look to kick off each new year. This year the project director and project manager came up with some basic concepts of backgrounds and images as well as some new functionality. After a couple of iterations of rapid prototypes we settled on a new design and launched that earlier this month.

Concurrent with the development of these new web sites was the development of online registration forms and databases for the 8th Annual High Tech Maui Career Fair and several workshops High Tech Maui workshops. It’s been a very busy last few months and with a redesign of the High Tech Maui web site and registration and database development for the AMOS conference, both currently in progress, the next few months are looking pretty busy too.